Personal Stories – Stroke

Ed's Story

In 2003, Ed sustained a stroke. He experienced severe spasticity in his left arm and leg. "It was like having a constant charley horse," recalls Ed. When Ed's doctor suggested a ITB TherapySM using a Medtronic implantable pump system, Ed was receptive.

Mary C.'s Story

One evening, Mary was in the hospital anticipating a hysterectomy. Lying in her hospital bed, she suffered a stroke. By morning, Mary had lost the use of her left arm and leg, and had paralysis on the left side of her face.

Ricky's Story

A stroke sent Ricky into an unconscious state for five weeks. When he regained consciousness, intensive speech, occupational, and physical therapy enabled him to speak and walk. However, severe spasticity emerged in his right leg.

Mary N.'s Story

As an orthopedic surgeon, Mary was comfortable with surgery and the associated risks. But when she went in for a same-day kyphoplasty to stabilise a bone fracture, she didn't expect to be paralysed by a surgical complication. On her second day in the hospital, Mary had a stroke.

Safety Information

Safety information concerning ITB TherapySM

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Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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