About Meniett Therapy

To lessen the intensity of your dizziness – and help you return to an active lifestyle – Medtronic offers Meniett® therapy. With it, you simply use a small, portable device to deliver controlled air pressure pulses to the inner ear. The pulses may help reduce the swelling believed to cause the symptoms of Ménière’s disease.

What Is It?

Doctors think Ménière’s disease symptoms are caused by too much inner ear pressure from excess inner ear fluid (endolymphatic fluid). Meniett therapy may help reduce the swelling and pressure in the inner ear.

Our Ménière’s Product

The Meniett® Low-Pressure Pulse Generator is a safe, minimally invasive method for managing Ménière’s disease symptoms.
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Benefits and Risks

Meniett therapy may help reduce your Ménière’s disease symptoms and it has very low risk. There’s very minor surgery involved to insert a ventilation tube (vent tube) in the eardrum.


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Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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