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X-StopPK® Device


Detail - The X-StopPK® device inserted in the spine

The X-StopPK® device is a Peek/Ti implant that is placed between two bones, called spinous processes, in your lower back. The X-StopPK® IPD® procedure is minimally invasive. When implanted, the X-Stop device is not positioned close to nerves or the spinal cord, but rather behind the spinal cord, between the spinous processes.

The procedure is done in the operating room at the hospital. With the help of x-ray guidance, the X-StopPK® device is inserted through a small incision in your back. Depending upon your anatomy and specific medical conditions, your doctor may choose to use local or general anaesthesia.

The procedure to implant the X-StopPK® device may last anywhere from 25-40 minutes. The procedure can be done under local or general anaesthesia, depending on your medical health.

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Last updated: 27 Jun 2014

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