Mosaic Tissue Valve

Mosaic Tissue Valve

Mosaic Tissue Valve


The Mosaic® Bioprosthesis is obtained from the heart of a pig. A pig's heart anatomy is similar to that of a human heart. The leaflets that control the flow of blood in the Mosaic tissue valve are secured to a flexible frame (stent) for support. The stent is covered with a fine fabric, used to sew the valve into the heart.


The Mosaic valve is used to replace a damaged aortic valve or a damaged mitral valve, depending on your disease condition.


The Mosaic tissue valve provides you with the latest in advanced technology. This technology includes two tissue technologies: the AOA® (alpha amino oleic acid) treatment and the Physiologic Fixation™ process. Studies have shown that the Physiologic Fixation process helps preserve the structure and function found in fresh aortic valves.1-4 AOA tissue treatment has been shown in animal studies to result in significant reductions in calcium deposits on the valve.5-7


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Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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