Protecta XT CRTD

Protecta XT-CRT

The Protecta™ family of devices are the first ever Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Defibrillators designed with SmartShock™ technology to recognise life-threatening arrhythmias from non-life threatening episodes, and deliver a therapeutic shock only when a dangerous heartbeat is putting life at stake. This allows patients peace of mind because their heart condition is in control and will be treated with the necessary shocks only when appropriate, in addition to cardiac resynchronisation and pacemaker therapy.

Key features

SmartShock technology

The SmartShock Technology includes six Medtronic-exclusive features designed to recognise life-threatening vs non-life threatening heart arrhythmias and noise in order to deliver therapeutic shocks only in response to life-threatening conditions.

Optivol 2.0 Fluid status monitoring

Fluid buildup in the lungs is a frequent problem for individuals with heart failure. OptiVol is a tool that helps your doctor better manage your heart failure by monitoring your lungs and chest for signs of potential fluid buildup. It can detect an increase in fluid days ahead of any actual symptoms. Optivol 2.0 maximizes the accuracy in predicting worsening heart failure.

Cardiac Compass™

Provides 14 months of data about your heart function to your physician. This data lets your doctor see how well your device and medications are working together and understand how your heart function may change over time.

Conexus™ Wireless Telemetry and the Medtronic Carelink network

Lets your doctor remotely check your heart device. Your device information can be collected and transmitted automatically through the Carelink system, even while you are sleeping.

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Last updated: 8 Nov 2010

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